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Sep 11th, 2011 Comments: 0

Toenail Fungus: The Incomplete Elimination Of The Fungus

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Toenail fungus is a condition characterized by the development of yellow or white spots under your toenails.

It is even possible that your toenails will develop crumbling edges and even thickening skin. There are various classifications of toenail fungus.

It is said that the classification may depend on the manifestation and the fungus, which may also provide or bring different signs and symptoms for your nails.

onycholysisIt is added that your toenail fungus may become the condition onycholysis, which is characterized by the separation of the infected nails from the nail bed. It is even possible that you may detect slightly foul odor and pain on your toenails.

You need to bear in mind that immediate treatment is necessary so that you can definitely control the worsening of the condition. However, do you know that incomplete eradication of the fungus may still be possible?

To give you reasons why some treatments do not work completely, here are few:

  • Infection is not completely removed.

Obviously, this is the primary reason why your toenail fungus is not completely treated. It is stated that after the surgery, the topical applications are prescribed in order to eliminate the growth of remaining fungus in your toenails.

But the problem is, the reactions of people differ from one another. There are ones that may require more treatment so that their toenails will react to the treatment well.

When the topical medication did not take effect, it is possible that even the upcoming nail will also be affected. This may result in the ineffectiveness of the surgery.

In other words, the effectiveness of the surgery may also be dependent on the succeeding solutions that will be applied on the toenail fungus and on the reaction of the toenails.

  • Similarity in molecular structure.

Do you know that the molecular structures of fungi and humans are similar? It is said that this is also one of the factors causing the ineffectiveness of the medications.

This also adjoins the side effects of the medications. It is also added that the cellular structure may be too complex, which will make it hard for the medical experts to develop drugs that will completely eradicate the fungus cells present in your toenails.

At times, the result of the surgery is still a weak set of nails and is still vulnerable to infections.

  • Susceptibility to Re-infection

It is said that the medical predisposition may also affect the growing nails. It is said that if you have low immunity, you may still have a higher risk of infection despite the removal of the infected toenails.

For instance, you are suffering from diabetes, HIV, as well as down syndrome. This results in the ineffectiveness of the cure applied in your toenails.

If you want to completely remove the infection from your nails, you have to think seriously and decide wisely.

It is even much wiser to ask your doctor regarding the matter so that you will definitely understand the upcoming surgery you want to undergo.

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